Mobile development / VOIP

Looking for a more native solution for iOS and Android? We are fully equiped to help you out in a native solution as well as pushing it to the App Store and Google Play.

Web / application development

Our core business is web-development. Building business critical web-based applications in solid PHP5 frameworks. Cloud compatible and secure solutions with cutting edge technologies.

Cyber security

With multiple types of penetration testing solutions and code review options we are fully able to provide you with the necessary information to stay or get even more secure online.

HTML5 & CSS3 web-app

Target multiple phone and tablet platforms with a single UI codebase, using only HTML5 and Javascript and responsive designs like Bootstrap or Google Material Design.

VPS / Server or database administration

Administration and installation of a your VPS or colocated server? Issues with security or maintenance? Any other system or database related questions are welcome.

Scrum / Agile

All of our development projects are scrum and/or agile based. Transparency and efficiency for both our clients and our developers.