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AOur client requested an full penetration-test on a web-application build on a old PHP framework. With our cybersecurity expertice and tools we executed our pentest from a black-box point of view. After a view hours we found some servere issues in the application which we reported to our customer with a potential fix.

Companies around the globe ask for our expertice in hacking and security related services. Most of our clients don't have a security devision or just want to validate previous scans or as for code-reviews of projects done by third parties.

With this in mind we started our own pentest-platform which will be launched early 2017. Our platform provide multiple scan techniques on all levels with a userfriendly interface.

BIf you are looking for a reoccuring pentest-solution you might even want to apply for the 6 month free access to our pent-test platform! Or if you search for custom build security solutions like IMSI-catchers or software encryption solutions don't hesitate to contact us.

Latest Works

PHP Development

For my client Philips Lighting Netherlands, a worked as the lead-developer of the HueLabs project. Written mostly in HTML/JS/ReactJS and build on the CodeIgniter PHP5 framework.

Cyber security

Penetration testing and cyber security projects. Black-box and gray-box penetration testing on remote clients on application level.

Application development

A Laravel PHP5 project. Succesfully delivered a great movie platform build on Laravel in PHP5 with MySQL database cluster engine.

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